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Stole My Heart ∞
Assalamualaikum :) 
I just want to start typing with a line of One Direction lyrics ~ 
Under The Lights Tonight You Turned Around And You Stole Mt Heart Just One Night ~ One Direction can makes me happy all the time :') Okay , i'm tired speaking all the time -.- Lols ~ Lma shah tak update blog kan ? hehe , semenjak dah "berbaik" terus lupa semua -.- madah tweet , chat dengan friends ~ sampai lupa kita ada blogger :3 muehehe , btw , today is SUNDAY :) tomorrow is MONDAY :D *dapat hang dengan pika* Day after tomorrow is TUESDAY >_< anooying muchh sebab kene sekolah ~ tapi tkpelahhhhh :D sebab ada 1B2 :*

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